We’re going out of town for the first time together. Starting at 6: 00 in the morning from Istanbul as a result of our journey, we were in Edirne around 11 o’clock with breaks. About 5 hours passed on the way to Edirne instead of the highway we preferred to go free way. This is because we wanted to be able to stop in front of beautiful views on the road and enjoy the road slowly, accompanied by those beautiful flowers.

After being in Edirne at 11 o’clock, our first stop was Köfteci Osman. While having breakfast, we reviewed the places we would visit. You can find the places we visit in Edirne by clicking the Edirne section on our site.

Let’s continue where we left off. Historical places and museums in Edirne are within 2-3 minutes walking distance. You can park your car and enjoy Edirne. If you don’t like crowds, be sure to go on weekdays because the border countries often organize tours to Edirne.

As a result of our 4-5 hour trip, we were able to visit 4 different places. And because we are so tired. We sat in a tea garden. Then we went to Meriç Bridge. It has a wonderful view .

Meric bridge

And it’s dinner time that we are waiting excitedly. Edirne is famous for its finely cut mutton liver.

And now it is time to return to Istanbul. You Were Beautiful, Edirne. If you were a neighborhood in Istanbul, it would be an ideal place to escape. We’ll come back for places we haven’t visited.